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18.02.2019 16:30 Alter: 95 days

Great experience abroad!

We are attending the HLA-4 and spent our summer on different farms in different countries. We just want to give you a short summary about our experiences and tasks during the summer.

Julian Bechter - Ireland

I’ll give you a short summary about my internship in Ireland where I spent fourteen weeks in the summer of 2018.

An organisation called “Landjugend” helped me to find a farm. I decided to go that far away, so that I can see a new culture, improve my English skills and see bigger farms. My host own 140 cows and he raises all of the calves which are berd in February and March. My main tasks were to milk the cows, bring down the cows from the paddock with the jeep and work with the tractor. All of the people I met in Ireland were very friendly and the Irish really like to talk to each other.

I really liked the last summer because I have learned a lot of different things. If I’m able to go to Ireland again, I’ll take the chance.


Michael Meusburger - Germany

I wanted to do some new tasks and learn about the agriculture in other countries. Because of this I decided to go to the modern equipped farm of Christian and Steffen Benne in Germany. I was really happy that they decided to employ me for the 14 weeks of my practical training.

The farm is called “Bihrenberghof” and has around 80 cows, plus their offspring. The bigger and more important part of the farm is the biogas facility. The engines there produce about 2.5 MW. The fodder for the biogas facility and also for the cows are produced on over 400 ha. The biggest part of the arable land is used for producing silo maize, triticale and wheat.

The farm is really up to date in all areas. In the stable a milking robot milks the cows, a feeding robot feeds the animals and the calves are fed automatically. The tractors are all fitted with GPS and radio sets. All machines on the farm are very clean and well cared for.

The family there was really friendly and I really enjoyed my time in Germany. If you want to see more:

Facebook: Bihrenberghof

Internet: www.bihrenberghof.de


Jonas Schmid - Ireland

I spent this summer on a dairy farm with around 200 cows, 110 heifers and calves and 3 bulls in Ireland. The farm is owned by Don O`Connell. I went to Ireland, because Ireland is a country with a nice landscape and a great and famous dairy production.

My main task was milking the cows. The cows are outside the whole day, that’s why I had to bring them in before milking. Usually we started at 6 o’clock in the morning and finished at around 9 o’clock. After that I did a lot of different works, like spreading slurry, topping and fencing. At quarter past three in the afternoon I started milking the cows again.

It was a really nice time and I learned a lot of new things. I was most excited that I could do everything on my own and that my boss put so much trust in me.


Laurin Beer – Finland

I spent my practical training on a big bull farm in the middle of Finland. I chose this working place because I was very interested in such a big farm. There are about 1500 bulls kept for fattening. There are about 600 hectares of land, 400 hectares of grassland and about 200 hectares for crop production. The farm was very modern, mainly new machinery and new stables. It was very comfortable to work there. My main task was to work on the tractor. Mainly, I drove with the big silage tipper, with the slurry tank or with a special crusher.

I really liked working on this farm, because nearly everything was new for me. I liked working with the modern machinery and with the animals.

The practical training has helped me for the future because I saw a new culture and met a lot of new people. I have also seen some new innovations of farming.




As you can see, we all made a great experience abroad and that’s why we recommend everyone to do the practical training abroad. You can only come home, if you go away first!